“These are moments that don’t normally feel like anything ‘special’, and yet these photos allowed me to slow down, take a breather, and remember what’s important.

We discredit so much of what we do, as mothers, if it’s not ‘productive’ but basic play is so important! And we teach lessons every moment. These photos reinforced the value and importance of the ‘unproductive’ time.

We live in a culture so focused on doing and image, and these pictures were about just being.”   – Lindsay


“I honestly got teared up seeing my daughters’ personalities come alive. Looking at the pictures made me think more big picture about being a mom. At the end of the day, they are loved and they know it. The rest is just details that work themselves out.”   – Meghan

“The kids enjoy those pictures more than typical photographs because it captured them being kids. They were playing, snuggling with me, reading, and running around. They weren’t forced to sit a certain way and smile at the camera for once. I loved the pictures of me sitting and reading to the kids, I don’t take credit for the little moments as a stay at home mom and they certainly add up throughout the day.”   – Heather

“I feel like they are so beautiful and I am so busy I don’t even realize how beautiful my little life is! Posed shots are not real. Life is messy and silly and fun….not posed and perfect.” – Alexandra


“I felt like I could see the love and laughter in all of our faces that day and it made me feel like I’m doing a good job as a parent!”   – Christy

“My kids will remember Christmases, birthdays, events, but will they remember how we like to lounge around on weekend mornings, having breakfast, making each other laugh and just being together? The pictures capture just that – those precious little everyday moments that are truly represent what our family is about. I love that in these pictures we look just like we do everyday – we don’t have coordinating outfits and our hair is barely combed. But the kids are so happy! They’re laughing and relaxed and totally themselves.”   – Alicia