Documentary family photography is photography about relationships – relationships between parents and children, between siblings, between parents, and between families and their spaces. It’s photography about being honest in a world where we feel pressured to curate our social media with images of our “perfect” families. It’s photography about in-between moments in a world where we only have time to whip out our phones to capture life’s greatest hits.

These “In-Between Sessions” document how childhood truly is, every day. When children look back on the images in the future, they’ll be bombarded with feelings of what life was like for them at that age. They might remember a long-forgotten favorite toy, be reminded of a secret hiding place in their first home, or recall a special piece of art that hung on their bedroom wall.

The sessions also capture the hard work that we as parents do to keep our families thriving and happy. When you look at the photos, you will see that you are doing everything exactly right to create loving and joyful homes for your families, even if you don’t always feel that way.

You look at your children with a mix of love that you could never have imagined, intense awe, and a little heartbreak, because you don’t want them to ever grow up. Sometimes you have that feeling of “I wish every day could be just like this day.” You need to revel in it, savor it, and freeze it. You need to be present. These sessions are a great way to freeze this time in your family’s life and forever be transported back to it.

As great as these sessions are for us as parents, they are also gifts to our children. It’s fun to look at the photos right after your session, and to see how much your kids are growing and changing so quickly. But think of how wonderful it will be in ten, twenty, or thirty years, for your children to find these images and have a beautiful and honest recording of their childhood (and to see their parents in the photos!) to look through and share.

I would be honored if you would welcome me into your home for a few hours and allow me to tell your family’s story through photos.