Natick Family Session

160416_Bavuso_Blog_01 I met Luke, Mia and Shane at their beautiful house in Natick last weekend!

Luke is five years old and loves cars! He’s also quite the basketball player, and loves to make his little brother Shane giggle. Mia is three years old and loves gymnastics and playing with her dolls! Shane is a super easygoing five month old who loves seeing what everyone is up to!

When I got to their house on Saturday morning the kids were excited to show me their rooms and then their toys in their playroom. Mia played with her dollhouse while Luke showed me some of his Lego creations.

After that we headed outside to their driveway, where Luke played basketball and Mia rode around on her scooter. Some kids from the neighborhood stopped by, and they took turns chasing each other around in Luke & Mia’s awesome Jeep!

When we got back inside, Luke and Mia showed me some of their awesome gymnastics moves and Yoga poses, while Shane looked on and laughed. Then the entire family had a dance party in the living room!

It was a nice, relaxing, Saturday morning. I was so happy we got to play outisde, and even happier that I got to see how much Luke, Mia and Shane get along.

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