Natick Family Session

Documentary Family Photographer Natick I just loved photographing Eleanor and Catherine again! I’ve visited their home a few times for sessions, and it’s always a treat! As a mother of a boy I really enjoy watching the lives of girls unfold, and these two girls are two of my favorites. When I arrived at their house, Eleanor and Catherine were still in their pajamas, just hanging out and playing in their living room.
Documentary Family Photographer NatickEleanor loves to dance, and put on her ballet shoes to show off her moves!Documentary Family Photographer Metrowest Documentary Family Photographer Natick Documentary Family Photographer NewtonEleanor ALSO loves to read, so she read The Little Mermaid while Catherine listened…Documentary Family Photographer Boston… and hugged. Catherine loves her big sister so much!Documentary Family Photographer NeedhamEveryone got all bundled up and hid in their blankets. How much do you love Eleanor’s mermaid blanket? I totally want one!Documentary Family Photographer Wellesley Documentary Family Photographer Sudbury Documentary Family Photographer WestonDocumentary Family Photographer WaylandDocumentary Family Photographer Ashland Documentary Family Photographer Arlington Documentary Family Photographer Worcester Documentary Family Photographer Waltham Documentary Family Photographer Somerville Documentary Family Photographer Brookline Documentary Family Photographer Sherborn Documentary Family Photographer DoverAfter some more play everyone got ready to head outside for a walk!Documentary Family Photographer Dedham Family Portrait Photographer MA Family Portrait Photographer Massachusetts Family Portrait Photographer NatickEleanor showed me some bugs she’d collected earlier in the week.Family Portrait Photographer MetrowestShe also showed me her bike!Family Portrait Photographer NewtonThe ladies of the family went for a quick walk…Family Portrait Photographer Boston… before it started pouring.Family Portrait Photographer NeedhamI stopped by their house later in the week since our session was cut short by the rain.Family Portrait Photographer Weston Family Portrait Photographer WellesleyMore dancing was happening.Family Portrait Photographer Sudbury Family Portrait Photographer Ashland Family Portrait Photographer Wayland Family Portrait Photographer Waltham Family Portrait Photographer Cambridge Family Portrait Photographer Arlington Family Portrait Photographer SomervilleHow cute are they? They love each other so much!Family Portrait Photographer BrooklineEleanor and Catherine’s neighbor has a peach tree, so the girls decided to pick some peaches. Catherine even offered me one – it was delicious!Family Portrait Photographer Dover Family Portrait Photographer Sherborn Family Portrait Photographer DedhamThis next image of Eleanor gathering peaches in her dress may be one of my all-time favorite photos I’ve taken.Girl Gathering Fruit in Dress Children Photographer Natick Children Photographer Newton Children Photographer Needham Children Photographer Sudbury Children Photographer Wellesley