Session Information

So you’re thinking of hiring me – yay! Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that should help you figure out what kind of session will work best for you and your family!

What are In-Between Sessions all about?

In-Between Sessions are my most popular offering! I come to your house for two hours and photograph everything that’s happening while I’m there. These sessions are documentary, so you’ll probably hear me say “You don’t need to look at my camera!” more than a few times.

Do you offer full Day In The Life Sessions?

Yes! I will be at your house from the moment your children wake up until the moment they go to sleep, and photograph everything that happens in between.

When should my In Between or Day In The Life Session take place?

In-Between and Day In The Life Sessions take place any time! Morning sessions with pajamas and pancakes are adorable, and afternoon shoots when everyone’s hanging out and playing are great too. It’s totally up to you, and I offer suggestions during the planning process!

Some people plan documentary sessions around family activities – jumping in leaf piles, building a snowman, decorating for the holidays, moving into a new home, going on a weekend adventure, etc.

Do you offer on location posed family portraits?

I do! We choose a beautiful spot to meet and I take a mix of posed photos (of the entire family, and of each child individually) and documentary photos during the session.

On Location Sessions take place about an hour and a half before sunset if possible. I realize this isn’t always easy with little kids, so we can plan around your schedule if that time of day doesn’t work!

Do you offer maternity sessions?

Yes! These can be done on location or at your home.

Do you photograph births?

Not at this time, although I hope to once my son is older and I have more flexibility with scheduling.

Do you photograph new babies?

Oh yes, and I love to! I can meet your new baby in the hospital the day after he or she is born, or I can come to your house when you bring the baby home. I can also come over any time for an In-Between Session.

What sort of life events do you cover?

Any! I photograph birthday parties, baby showers, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, reunions, anniversary parties, etc.

How do I prepare for the shoot?

I send out a questionnaire two weeks before your session that will help me get to know you and your family. Your answers will give me a sense of how we’ll spend our time together. I’ll also confirm the shoot date and time a week before we meet.

What should we wear?

For In-Between and Day In the Life Sessions, wear whatever’s comfortable! If you aren’t comfortable it will definitely show in the photos. I encourage you to wear what you’d normally wear since the session should honestly represent you.

For On Location Family Sessions, I suggest wearing coordinating colors rather than matching colors. I ask that you don’t wear all white, all black, or bright red. I’m happy to help you choose outfits beforehand!


Should I clean my house?

Sure! But don’t feel that you need to go overboard! It’s good for it to be neat, but I also love the chaos of toys scattered around a loved home.

What happens during the shoot?

I come to your house, chat for a bit, have the kids give me a tour and show me their favorite things with camera in hand. I smile while documenting everything that’s happening. I focus on moments, emotion, humor, and most importantly, connection. I talk throughout the shoot, and play with your kids! I may stop shooting to do a puzzle, read a book to, or draw with my new friends.

You don’t necessarily have to have anything planned for the time I’m there. Sometimes we go with the flow, and sometimes things are more structured. We’ll work out the details after I’ve received your questionnaire!

What happens after the shoot?

I go home and go through the photos with a ridiculous grin on my face, reliving my time with you.

I back everything up in three places, and then edit the images for exposure, color, and contrast. I convert some to black and white as part of my Artistic Edit.

Within two weeks of your shoot you’ll receive a password-protected gallery that will have all of your session photos. You’ll be able to purchase prints and files there.

What should I do with the photos once I’ve seen them?

I offer prints and digital downloads for purchase via the gallery. I also design books to gift to your children in the future. Books are a beautiful way to tell your family’s story, especially if you choose an In-Between or Day In The Life Session. These images are not necessarily to share on social media, but to be held close to your heart so that they can transport you back to this special time in your life.

I also encourage you to print and display photos in your home. Kids love to see photos of themselves, especially photos with their loved ones. Studies show that seeing their images displayed in their homes make children feel more confident, valued, and connected.

How do I hire you?

Head on over here to get in touch! I can’t wait to meet you and your family!